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Prospective Members


Question:  What is rush?

Rush is a one-week period when we, the sisters of Sigma Sigma Rho, host various events where interested ladies can come out to meet sisters. Likewise, rush also gives us a chance to meet you and learn more about you. There is no obligation during rush and everything is free. Learn what sisterhood, society, remembrance, service, and family mean to us. Everyone is invited to attend our events!

Question: Why should I join Sigma Sigma Rho?
Answer: Women who join Sigma Sigma Rho are granted exciting leadership opportunities, the chance to make a difference in their community, and friendships that last a lifetime. Involvement in our sisterhood fosters academic excellence, student involvement on campus, community service, and life-long relationships with sisters. Our sisterhood also promotes networking, and encourages each member to maximize their potential and become a well-rounded student. The perfect blend between a a professional organization with practical value and a tight knit sisterhood for emotional value, joining our sorority is a way to complement your collegiate experience.

Question:  Do I have to be of South Asian descent to join?

No. It is true that a majority of our members are of South Asian descent. However, there are many sisters in all different chapters of our sisterhood who are not Asian. Sigma Sigma Rho stresses that it is a sisterhood, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join.  We celebrate people of all cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

Question:  What is the criteria to join? Is there a GPA requirement?

Answer: To be eligible for membership, interested students must attend our colony’s official Rush events [at least one informational AND at least two additional Rush events, to be considered for a bid] and have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA. We seek prospective members that have achieved in academics as well as co-curricular activities and who have a demonstrated record of public service. Please note that this is just our bare minimum requirement and a vast majority of our members proudly excel beyond this standard.

Question:  What are the responsibilities of membership?

Answer: Participation in activities such as chapter meetings, educational/leadership programs, community service events, and social activities are required of active members. Members are also required to pay national dues per semester to maintain active status within the sorority.

Question:  Is it expensive to be part of your organization?

Answer: Every organization comes with its financial responsibilities and we encourage our members to be aware of national and chapter dues before joining. Sigma Sigma Rho is affordable, and our colony has payment plan options in place to help ensure that finances do not hinder a member's success. All dues go toward services and events that benefit the entire colony.

Question:  Is hazing a part of your intake process?

Answer: No. Sigma Sigma Rho has a strict no hazing policy. Hazing of any nature is against the organization’s Code of Conduct. Our colony condemns and does not participate in any form of hazing. Sigma Sigma Rho will never subject anyone  to physical or mental harm, illegal activity, consumption of alcohol or other drugs, or degrading and humiliating acts. See our Anti-Hazing Policy Page for  more information.



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